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Transforming Ordinary Spaces into Magical Places

At Little Stories we recognise that not every child is blessed to have their own play room or bedroom. But with beautiful toys & decorative items, we believe that any space big or small can be transformed into wonderful play zone full of toys & tools carefully designed to encourage & unlock imaginative play for those very important developmental stages.

With that being said this blossomed into one of our core values & concepts;

"Transforming Ordinary Spaces into Magical Places".

We pride ourselves on sourcing gifted toy makers to build our little creations by hand using only natural components with true craftsmanship built from the heart. This has led us on a beautiful journey to expand our portfolio & search for other likeminded small businesses that not only mirror our passions, but can allow us to deliver a wider range of products that will compliment & harmonize with our Little Stories toys to create the most perfect space for your little ones.

Join us on our journey and meet some of our new friends below...

Tea & Biscuit Design

Tea & Biscuit are a wonderful Dad and Daughter duo, working together to create beautiful items for your home.

Chantelle, Mum of two little ones has a fine Art background & Dad Chris, is a self taught and wood obsessed craftsman.

Tucked away in their Tea & Biscuit wood workshop Chantelle draws, whilst Dad Chris creates & builds. With care and family at the heart of what they do, their creations allow you to build beautiful spaces for the little people who bring joy into your lives & create the most beautiful shelfies for your Little Stories collection.

All of their items are carefully hand cut, hand finished and made to order. All whilst using sustainably sourced wood, with fully recyclable packaging and supporting other small businesses when buying their supplies too!

Rosie Meringue

Rosie Meringue was born in 2017 whilst Rosie was on maternity leave with her first son. With a love of everything design related and a need to do something with her spare time, Rosie started designing pieces to laser cut for her son which she then started selling. Since adding another 2 boys to the mix and a relocation from London to Devon, Rosie and her husband now occupy a lovely workshop on their parents farm.


Everything is made to order by Rosie herself using sustainably sourced birch plywood, hand sanded to achieve the best possible finish so it's ready for your home and for you to enjoy.


All designs will add a sense of charm to any space and will most definitely compliment your Little Stories collection. There's something for every theme!

Ginger & Mustard

Ginger & Mustard came to life during the pandemic where owner and designer Indiana used crafting and crochet as her refuge.

Using her passion for recycling Indiana made this one of Ginger & Mustards core values in only using recycled materials to create beautiful items for your home.

It is important that each and every product is not only lovingly handmade but authentic and eco friendly.

From hanging bunnies to foxes and bears, the most adorable acorns with lids and mushrooms too, store your Little Stories blocks and more, in style!

Mills & T

Mills & T is run by Kate, a mum of two who has combined her love of interiors and decorating to designing beautiful wall items. Born from Kate's struggles when decorating her children's bedrooms to find exactly what she wanted, Kate decided to take matters into her own hands.

Mills & T offers a wide range of beautiful wall tapestries and pennants that are inspirational, educational and fun! Perfect for decorating your little ones bedrooms and play spaces, each item is handmade from start to finish and made using only natural fabrics. From toy sacks to positive manifestation, we are proud to have worked closely with Kate to design our own exclusive collection that will compliment your Little Stories places beautifully.

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