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The Power Of Primary Colours in Early Years Play

Bright Primary Colours such as Red, Yellow, Blue & Green...

These colours are extremely attractive to babies and toddlers, they captivate their attention and entice them to engage in play. They are an amazing aid for the development of your childs vision. Read on to understand the power of Primary colours in Early Years play.

Primary Colours are and should be a priority in early years to support colour recognition, connecting colours to real life and cognitive development. They are the starting point to introducing colour into your little ones world. After all, if your child cannot recognise Red how will they recognise Pink, or if they can't recognise Blue how will they distinguish between Navy and Black?

Primary colours are best presented against a neutral background so the colours can really be seen. The best way to introduce primary colours is with toys, a neutral background for your walls and furniture, with the addition of beautifully, lovingly made, handcrafted, bright primary coloured toys. Applying a neutral background allows your child to really experience the pop of the colours & to give colour its purpose.

Little Stories Playful Primary range makes the perfect addition to a neutral room. Whether this be the Playful Primary Trucks or the Primary Colour Charms on the Play Gym - the hand painted colours stand out from afar against the natural grain of wood, enticing your child to explore, to play and to create their very first colourful little story.

The power of Primary colours is so great they even have the ability to affect a child's mood and emotions. This can help you when introducing primary colours into their play...

Red - this colour creates excitement & energy! Best to offer a tired child.

Yellow - the colour of happiness for a child, the perfect colour to lift their mood or create positivity.

Blue - the colour of calm, blue calms the mind and creates well being. Best for an over excited child.

Green - symbolises nature, a colour that can also create calm but also encourage concentration in children.

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Thank you for reading "The Power of Primary Colours in Early Years Play"

Blog Post written by Brand Rep Kelli Jones (@mindfield_motherhood)

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